Targeted Self-Massage TSM

Soma Targeted Self-Massage TSM is private or semi-private classes that teach self-applied, targeted soft tissue release techniques and focused stretching that dissolves strain patterns, maintains the body, improves physical performance and prevents injury caused by overuse.

Soma Targeted Self-Massage or TSM is a hybrid healing technique, developed by James Burkhart, that combines targeted self-massage and stretching. It is a way that athletes, yogis, office workers or anyone that uses their body can work on themselves to increase flexibility, decrease pain and create balance in their body. It can be used on the whole body, but the most common application is to the back, hips and shoulders, because of they are often the most overused areas. It also empowers the practitioner to take responsibility for their own well being.

It is a way that people can learn to work on themselves which develops awareness and independence. It is similar to SomaBodywork, except one works on oneself. James created it for people that cannot afford to receive regular bodywork but need it because they use their bodies for daily sports, exercise or work activities that require daily maintenance. Once familiar with the system, it can be incorporated into sports or exercise warm-ups and cool-downs or used independently to relieve daily stress and maintain a healthy, pain free and injury free body.

Many everyday activities are repetitive or one-sided like: driving a standard shift car, carrying a baby on one hip, computer keyboarding, using a mouse with one hand or carrying heavy items with the dominant hand. So it is helpful for: new parents, office workers, hair stylists or people that cycle for fun or transportation. These repetitive or one-sided activities can overwork the muscles doing the activity and create imbalance. Targeted Self Massage releases these imbalances, builds self-awareness and creates independence with a self-maintenance home-program.

It is especially helpful for athletic people that want to avoid injury and maintain peak performance. They often use their bodies intensely with: repetitive movements – (cycling, running, skating), one sided motions – (golf, tennis, surfing) or people that want to achieve and maintain maximum flexibility – (musicians, dancers, actors, yoga practitioners). Sessions are tailored to the client’s unique strain patterns and needs.


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