System / Protocol

SomaHealing System - The SomaHealing System treats the Whole Human Being; body, mind, emotion. There are techniques for each aspect of the Whole Human Being, some touch on multiple aspects. Human beings are always organically moving toward expansion and alignment with the higher-self / spirit. “Healing” is the process of body, mind and emotion coming into harmony with one another and then coming into alignment with the higher-self / spirit. Healing is necessary only when body, mind and emotions are not in alignment. Healing is an organic process of allowing the the various aspects of the being to evolve and come into alignment with the higher-self’s natural state.

Protocol - We start where the client feels most comfortable or in need of help and proceed from there, working to harmonize aspects & then move toward the natural state of alignment with spirit. Health is the Natural State of human beings. We are all in this process of alignment.

This process empowers the client / student to learn, grow and heal. Ultimately all healing is always done by the individual. The techniques are used to bring the body, mind and emotions into a state of balance. From this state of balance, they start to harmonize with one another. As they harmonize they start to allow alignment with the higher-self / spirit. Then as the body, mind and emotions come into alignment with the higher-self / spirit, true healing happens. It is all very organic, very natural and very powerful. Our goal is to reduce drama / stress & enjoy this empowering process of learning, growing, aligning, becoming independent, developing skills & experiencing ease / happiness.


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