SomaSports Massage

SomaSports Massage is a therapeutic massage system tailored specifically to each athletes needs. James has worked on all levels of professional and amateur athletes, including: Oakland A’s Cy Young Award pitcher, Bob Welch; World Champion kickboxer, Rudi Ott; Maverick’s big wave surfers, Matt Ambrose & Jeff Clark; many amateur athletes: runners, cyclists, golfers, surfers, yogis, martial artists.

SomaSports Massage consists of:

Maintenance Bodywork - Deeper work done during training to maintain soft tissue health, prevent injury & increase performance levels.

Pre-Event Massage - Very light work done shortly before competition, to warm up the muscle groups to be used in an event.

Post-Event Massage - Light work done 1 - 2 hours after an  event to clear metabolic waste and speed muscle recovery.

Benefits of SomaSports Massage: Decreased recovery time from training / competition, enhanced rehabilitation from injury, prevention of injury, increased flexibility, increased ROM, increased performance levels and overall increased longevity / quality of an athlete’s career.

For Martial Artists - SomaSports Massage is the perfect counter therapy for striking, grappling & submission martial arts. It is the perfect Yin Healing Art to balance the effects of the Yang Martial Arts. If striking compresses a joint, SomaSports Massage can decompress it. If a submission strains a joint, SomaSports Massage can release the strain and bring the joint back to optimal function, and so on.

Benefits for Martial Artists:

  1. Rehabilitation of joints strained in submissions or training

  2. Rehabilitation of soft tissues damaged from strikes / kicks

  3. Decompression of jaw, cranial bones and cervical (neck) joints

• Decompression of hand and wrist bones that get compressed from striking
• Decompression / realignment of vertebral joints strained in chokes / training
• Better withstand joint submissions by increasing joint mobility / muscular flexibility
• Prevention of injury from submissions by increasing joint mobility / muscular flexibility
• Reverse previous injury from submissions / sports injuries by breaking up scar tissue
• Resolve: back, neck, hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist compressions or sprains
• Resolve: groin, hamstring, quadriceps, calf, biceps or any other muscle strains
• Achieve / maintain peak athletic performance with increased flexibility, joint mobility, muscle tone
• Career longevity from maintaining optimal alignment, flexibility and function, thus reducing wear

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