SomaBodywork is targeted bodywork and focused stretching combined in one session to create musculoskeletal balance, energize the body and counteract stress from work or sports activities. Sessions start with 30- 40 minutes of energizing: hip opening, spine lengthening and core strengthening followed by 20-30 minutes of targeted massage tailored to the client’s needs. It is great for active people who need regular maintenance and want to learn a short routine that: prepares the body for exercise / sport, improves performance and prevents injury.

SomaBodywork, created by James Burkhart, is a hybrid system of stretching, strengthening and targeted massage. It is a proactive way for people to maintain peak performance and find their full potential. The goal of SomaBodywork is to release soft tissue restrictions, return the body to a state of optimal function and then work to increase performance potential. It’s great for athletes, office workers and active people.

SomaBodywork uses precise soft tissue compression and targeted stretching to free restriction in the body. Designed on a strong anatomical foundation, it allows the therapist to release strain patterns caused by injury or overuse from repetitive actions like: office work, running or cycling. The stretching and core strengthening empowers the client to maintain balance, improve performance and prevent future injury.

Releasing restricted tissues changes their structure by: decreasing noxious neurological firing, increasing blood flow and hydration in the connective tissue (a process called solation) and returning soft tissues to their optimal length so they fit the skeletal and nervous systems. Doing structural bodywork treats the root cause of the problem and provides a tailored routine, so the results are rapid and long lasting.

Changing the structure of damaged soft tissues strengthens all bodily systems and then allows energy to flow, so that healing occurs organically. This decreases pain while increasing strength, flexibility, functionality which prevents future injury. It is very helpful for: athletes, martial artists, golfers, dancers, yoga practitioners and office workers by helping to achieve maximum athletic / physical potential.


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