SomaMeditation is a healing system of synergistic meditation techniques that James tailors to his client’s needs. They include guided relaxation, closed eye healing meditation,  sports / performance visualization, Taoist breathing, mental reprograming, and open eyed Rudra Meditation. SomaMeditation techniques can be tailored to all practitioner levels and can address most of the challenges in people’s lives.

The basic techniques of Soma Guided Relaxation and Closed Eye Healing Meditation introduce new students to deep relaxation, internal observation, connectedness of body / mind / emotion and their infinite potential. This creates a foundation for more advanced techniques.

Soma Sports / Performance Visualization is for athletes, musicians and performers of all types. It is helpful for releasing blocks to performance, increasing performance levels, increasing creativity and finding full potential through visualization and mental rehearsal.

Soma Taoist Breathing is based on the 5 Element System of healing and works with the 6 meridian pairs to clear blocked energy, build prana (life force energy) and circulate this prana thru the energy system to create balance and strengthen the body / mind / immune function.

Soma Mental Reprogramming is a pragmatic technique that accesses the subconscious to dissolve negative programs, access creativity and heal on a deep level. It is a  powerful approach to breaking negative habits and opening up the individual to their full creative potential.

Rudra Meditation is the pinnacle of these techniques. James has been teaching Rudra Meditation for over 24 years. It is an open eyed  technique, developed by Swami Rudrananda (Albert Rudolf), that builds / circulates energy through the chakra system to dissolve tension, remove energy blocks, make the human being whole by harmonizing the human / spiritual being and bringing that clarity into their daily life.

For private sessions / classes, Email James or call 310-396-4580.

The above photos represent the lineage of meditation teachers that James is connected to. From left to right - Bagavan Nityananda, Swami Rudrananda [Rudi], Stuart Perrin and Bruce Rubin. On James’ right is Padma Sambava, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.

Bagavan Nityananda was Rudi’s main teacher. Stuart and Bruce both studied with Rudi and James studied with both Stuart and Bruce. James also has a very strong connection to Tibetan Buddhism, specifically to Padma Sambava, whom he also considers to be his teacher,

James’ path started when he was reading a book by Bagavan Nityananda. Suddenly, a fountain of blue light burst out of a photo of Bagavan Nityananda and an intense peacefulness and happiness flooded through him. Strange but true. James asked Nityananda to guide him and a week later he met Stuart, who lived just a few blocks away from him in New York City. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. He then studied with Stuart who asked him to start teaching a few years later. He now teaches group classes in LA and around California.


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