At The Office – Stretch your forearms and shoulders every 15 – 30 minutes. Take mini breaks every hour to massage your temples, jaws, neck and shoulders. Just a few minutes will do the trick. Massage the soles of the feet with a Footsy Roller and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Do a yoga class in the middle of each day or after work. Open a window or go outside for fresh air each day. Switch the hand used for mousing every 2 hours. Don’t let the mouse hand or shoulder project forward. Request an adjustable chair and keyboard tray. Adjust the monitor to eye level so the neck and head do not crane forward. Keep the spine and neck erect by reaching the crown of the head toward the ceiling. Relax the shoulders back and down as you drop the elbows directly down at the sides. Keep the forearms level with the floor and adjust the keyboard over the lap, so the wrists are straight and arms can stay relaxed as you work. Use a Bluetooth earpiece or headset if you do a lot of phone work. Use a cold pack on the eyes at the end of the day for eyestrain. Put heating packs on the forearms at the end of the day if you do heavy keyboarding. Smile often throughout the day to relieve facial tension, fight depression and make friends.

Letting Go Of Negative Emotion – To let go of negative emotions like: fear, worry, anger, jealousy... focus your mind below your naval (place your hands there if it is comfortable). Breathe in through your nose, hold the breath for a few seconds and swallow. Then exhale through your mouth making an ahhh sound. Repeat as many times as it takes to feel more relaxed. For maintenance, after you are more relaxed, repeat the process breathing in and out through your nose. Then focus on those things you are grateful for. Feel them in your heart.

Smiling – Smiling often is a great way to release tension in the face and jaw. It also has been shown to fight depression. You can feel energy start to flow throughout the body while smiling. If you breathe into the heart as you smile, you can feel the heart open and upper torso will start to tingle with energy flow. It will also open up a channel of positive energy between you and other people. This is a powerful primal healing response that most people cannot resist and even if the occasional person can resist it, you don’t lose anything in the interaction. By smiling, you effectively protect yourself from any negative energy that can build into tension and fatigue.

Raising The Eyebrows – If you raise the eyebrows slightly as you inhale through the nose, you can feel the facial muscles relax and energy will rise up the spine. It feels like a tingling wave rising up the arms, back and spine to the top of the head. This relieves stress and tension and can give you a burst of energy anytime you need it. Combine it with smiling and you will feel an instant and total rejuvenation. By dropping the shoulder blades back and down as you reach the crown of the head toward the ceiling, the energy release is magnified. You will project a powerful positive energy as well. Take short breaks to breathe, smile and release tension throughout the day.

Standing An Sitting Erect - By standing or sitting erect, you can alleviate tension in the neck and back and liberate blocked energy in the spine. This will fight fatigue and dissolve aches and pains that can accumulate over time. This posture creates the optimal space between each vertebra and will protect the spinal cord, nerve roots and disks. It also keeps the energy channels of the spine clear and open. It improves breathing, digestion, elimination and sexual function. You will also be perceived as a more positive, powerful and confident person in this posture. It also helps to alleviate arm and shoulder fatigue and prevents muscle tension headaches from developing.

Health Tips

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