James is a certified Neuromuscular Therapist (30 years experience), a certified yoga teacher (30 years experience) and a meditation teacher (24 years experience). He has worked with professional athletes, amateur athletes and office workers to rehabilitate injuries, prevent future injury, optimize performance, find their full physical / athletic / creative potential and elevate their quality of life.

James has worked with Oakland A’s pitcher; Bob Welch, for several years to help extend his professional baseball career; Rudi Ott, World Champion kickboxer; Mavericks big wave surfers Matt Ambrose & Jeff Clark to resolve injuries and increase their athletic performance; and amateur: martial artists, runners, cyclists, golfers, fencers, volleyball / football / baseball / basketball players, dancers, yogis.

He has also developed the healing techniques called Targeted Self Massage and SomaBodywork. Targeted Self Massage is a technique for working on your own specific areas of muscular tension. SomaBodywork combines targeted bodywork and targeted stretching in one session. These innovative techniques fuse the contemporary knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics with bodywork and other healing techniques. They are great for active people who want to increase quality of life, maintain peak performance and prevent injury.

This broad spectrum of natural healing techniques gives him many avenues to work from. His deep knowledge of anatomy provides the foundation that allows him to see structural imbalances in the body, so he can tailor the work to meet the needs of each client. During his 30 years of professional practice, he has seen all types of injury and imbalance, which he has learned from and used to develop / hone his work.

He studied at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado and later took the Shiatsu program at the Ohashi Center in New York City. He is also certified in Neuromuscular Therapy from the Saint John’s Neuromuscular Pain Relief Institute in Florida.

James ran his own yoga school and healing center, SomaYoga, in San Francisco for Thirteen years. He now practices bodywork and teaches  meditation and yoga in Los Angeles, San Francisco and all around California. He also has clients around the world.

He designed the SomaHealing Training Course which trains therapists in bodywork and yoga. His SomaBodywork program and SomaYoga Teacher Training course can be taken separately or together. If taken together, the therapist will have a much higher level of training and great therapeutic versatility, providing many opportunities for new therapists as they develop their own practice.

James has a background in all types of athletics. He has also studied many types of healing work; from Eastern and Western body therapies, breathwork, yoga and meditation. These experiences makes for a very powerful and versatile holistic healing system. His clients include: professional / amateur athletes, musicians, actors, dancers, yogis, office workers, business executives and everyday working people.

James’ Bio

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