Benefits of Bodywork

The Benefits Of Bodywork and Massage have been well documented for thousands of years. They include: Increased blood and lymph circulation, detoxification of metabolic waste, relaxation, increased immune function, increased flexibility, increased biomechanical function, reduced recovery time from physical work or injury, prevention of injury, an increased sense of wellbeing and reduction of stress symptoms.

Researchers have found that up to 90% of all illness and medical visits are the result of stress. NMT and other SomaHealing techniques are very effective ways to relieve and manage stress symptoms. They are helpful for: pregnancy, postpartum depression, high blood pressure and many other symptoms of stress.

The benefits of structural bodywork are more specific than general massage. Techniques like NMT, SomaBodywork and TSM can relieve specific imbalances that come from: injury, poor posture, bad ergonomics, overwork and repetitive actions. All aspects of the  body (skeletal, neurological, organs...) have an organic size that does not change, except the soft tissues. Muscles can easily get tighter, thicker and less supple very quickly through overuse and injury. This creates imbalance with the rest of the body, resulting in: compression of the joints, restriction of nerves, inhibition of proper physiological function and limitation of movement. It is as though your clothes suddenly got smaller.

SomaHealing techniques can release these imbalances and restore optimal muscle length which restores proper function. It is similar to a skilled tailor adjusting your clothes to the perfect fit. This frees the nervous system from any soft tissue entrapment reducing discomfort / pain.

Most people have some level of imbalance. These imbalances can come from: injury, birth trauma, repetitive work or sports activities, poor postural habits, improper ergonomics at work, being sedentary and many other stressors. So, most people can use bodywork.

Some conditions benefited by bodywork are: muscle tension headaches, TMJ disfunction, whiplash, back and neck injury, hip and shoulder injury, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, postural and mechanical disfunction and soft tissue sprains or strains.

Since the body, mind and emotions are all one connected whole; when the body is freed of restriction, the mind and emotions are also liberated and integrated. Bodywork addresses the mechanics of the body as well as the physiology. The wonderful thing about working on the level of physiology is that physiology has no ego. Physiology has no resistance to healing. It simply responds to input. A negative input equals a negative response and a positive input equals a positive response. Physiology is the function of the human being, so as it is brought into balance, many aspects of the being are brought into balance. Bodywork can benefit the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and immune systems as well as the soft tissues and the mechanical aspects of the body. In this way the body, mind and emotions are benefited.


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