SomaHealing’s Life Transformation Package - A five month individualized program that will transform every area of your life - body, mind, emotion, spirit... with special focus on - health, immune function, creativity, right livelihood, business, relationships, finding your gifts.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy NMT - Structural soft tissue release technique that quickly pinpoints & relieves soft tissue imbalance caused by injury and overuse. It is very beneficial for: carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, sciatica, scoliosis, torticollis, whiplash, TMJ dysfunction, hip / shoulder pain, neck / back pain and headaches.

SomaSports Massage - Bodywork tailored to an athletes specific needs - Pre-event, Post-event and Maintenance work during training. Resolves / prevents injury, reduces recovery time from training / events, increases performance level as well as athletic career longevity.

SomaBodywork - Targeted bodywork and targeted stretching combined in one session that: creates musculoskeletal balance, energizes the body and relaxes the mind. It is great for active people that need regular maintenance. It is a customized routine, for athletes of all levels to do on their own. This routine prepares the body for exercise or sports, improves physical performance and prevents injury.

Soma Targeted Self-Massage TSM - Private or semi-private class that teaches self-massage and targeted stretching that maintains the body, improves physical performance and prevents injury. Sessions are tailored to the client’s specific strain patterns and needs.

SomaMeditation - Prescription meditation techniques: Taoist 5 Element Breathing, guided relaxation, guided meditation and mental reprograming. These techniques reduce stress, build internal energy and harmonize body, mind & emotions for optimal performance.

Rudra Meditation - Open-eyed meditation technique developed by Swami Rudrananda that builds and circulates energy throughout the chakra system to dissolve tension / energy blocks & make the practitioner whole by harmonizing all aspects of the human / spiritual being.

Therapeutic Bodywork 
by James Burkhart
Body / Mind Therapies Tailored To Your Needs 
Optimize Your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Performance...

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Optimal Performance For Body, Mind, Spirit